wrath of children two boys standing in front of window

Wrath of children

I remember.
I remember reading about you.
Reading about how the wrath of God will manifest in rage, confusion and chaos of children who didn’t know their fathers.
It’s not actually about the individual. It’s not about the religion, nor the family unit per se. They, in contrast, are more related to an origin story.
This is different.
I used to tell my students, “no one knows, what you don’t know. So if you don’t tell me what or that you don’t understand, this will take longer, or may even not be accomplished.”
So many things we don’t know.
Im guilty not many things, and ultimately my crime is my own.
Or is it? I never chose to be abandoned. Never had a say.
And that this, abandonment, is the most consistent aspect of peoples’ lives, is what just sometimes makes us want to end it.