not fair hate dark shadow

Why just imagine the shadows

Imagine if I were incarcerated now for 5 to 15 years

imagine if I did something that put me behind bars for another decade.

no one would see me either but maybe have a phone call once a day or something which I eventually wouldn’t do because it would just end up hurting, and being destructive or whatever.

some of these adjectives are just things I’m thinking about; obviously I haven’t had this experience before, but I’ll be gone for awhile and in a place like that committing suicide would almost be understandable.

but you’re not supposed to commit suicide so they have something called a suicide watch, because you have to pay your dues yada yada yada. fuck the whole prison system I’m not even going into that – but it’s the being away forever.

Gone for a decade along with any hopes.
no one will have any clue.
you just experienced the same thing

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every day
every day
same wall
same corner
same shadows
every day