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Who’s Right? Jimbies vs Mesthans in 2020.

This isn’t necessarily about England or the right-wing in any specific country however this is, maybe, a defence of the right-wing perspective.

Let’s just choose two countries; say Jimbolia and Meshtania.

let’s say that there is a Meshtan who has moved or emigrated to Italy because it affords them something that they cannot attain in their own country.

Now, this Meshtan decides to go to Jimbolia because Jimbolia offers them something. Up until that moment that Meshtan wasn’t in Jimbolia. Jimbies were in Jimbolia. so, there is something in the way Jimbies run a state or a city or a government that the Meshtan isn’t going to get in Meshtania. because of this, because of the choices made by Jimbie statesman and state women et cetera et cetera the Meshtan wants to be there.
well, there’s no problem with that.
I welcome that.

a case for the right-wing.

the Meshtan didn’t go to Bulgaria. Their preference was Jimbolia. so if the Bulgarian population rises until it gets to such a position when the Bulgarians and start to make decisions, Then Meshtans aren’t going to want to come to Jimbolia any more.
so Jimbies need to continue making the decisions in Jimbolia so that it’s a place where everybody else wants to come, can.

simply put, the Jimbies need to continue.

You know this Meshtan might go to England because they may have decided that they prefer the way to be Englishman statesmen and women run their cities countries and communities and governments et cetera, and so the Meshtan will go to England because that’s their choice, yet for that choice to be upheld, the English need to Continue to be the ones who make the decisions; allowing for any persons from any country preferring to live within the resolutions and prescriptions made by English statesmen and women.