what does bravery mean people riding on bus

What does bravery mean?

Bravery is the presence of courage.

Courage is the ability to fight your natural instincts, often regarding matters related to your immediate surroundings. Of course, not every moment of bravery is about charging a Lion or fighting an Elephant. But back when this bravery thing became a societal function, and either it became or was already a part of our genetic makeup, we are still speaking about hunter-gatherers or even their predecessors because the ability to be brave when necessary is what made being a hunter-gather possible.

Do we still hunt and gather? yes and no. Do we belittle hunter-gatherers? Big time. We’ve named them on how they got their food. So what are we? Shoppers. We shop. But that’s how we physically obtain our food, we do that by shopping. So how do we get our food?

We work.

And this is where things change. Bravery in a society where people work is not how bravery developed. There is a certain amount of bravery required in a burglary.

A burglary was a problem for Hunter-gatherers too. It’s not like they didn’t have problems, this again is our belittlement. So nothing that they can’t even have human problems.

We work for Money. Money gets us food.
Hunter Gatherers work for Food.

Bravery and most of our understanding about how to be a human on this wet rock never developed around money. Everything about that changes a person.

Bravery is being able to calculate and stick to a decision we make regarding if what we’ll lose is worth it.

This depends greatly on how we value ourselves, and the general intention behind the initial calculation.