weed out people like him - brett in 2019 1 people like him

Weed out people like him – Brett in 2019


you see

These people Have never really known tribulation.

they’ve never been hungry.

they’ve never really been in the situation where they impoverished.

But they have been terrorised. And they see all authority, in the hands of their opressors, white people, as the enemy.

They need to read Master and Slave.

the people in America going to university complaining about white privilege are themselves privileged.

because half the world doesn’t even have tarmac or concrete or clean water, so this woman saying that she doesn’t care about Brett…

imagine what happens will these people start to become people in powerful positions statesmen, ministers.

you know when the mosquitoes going to be an issue to deal with later so the moment you see the mosquito you just swat it.

do you know the leader of the faculty who made all of this possible for them was called “a white supremacist” and he couldn’t even say no he’s not!

he said I believe I’m not just part of the thing leader of the school is a pussy.

When I was a student, I never much liked academia, so I never continued. To culty.

But now, looking at all of this free speech stuff at schools, what are people doing there? Schools aren’t about free speech … but are ultimately about the indoctrinated.

I dunno.