war of civilisation vs indigenous populations. 1 civilisation

War of Civilisation vs Indigenous populations.

Anyone who supports the illegal and externally funded/organised political coup being attempted in Venezuela, I can say only this…
They tried this before with Chavez and failed miserably.
They got as far as kidnapping him, taking him out of the Central Ministry – but couldn’t kill him in time. As the lyric goes, “The Revolution will not be televised.”
If none of this sounds familiar, because you have no knowledge of history apart from what your Youtube Channel Subscriptions or the Hashtags you follow on Twitter tell you – and you just want Venezuela do be destroyed because they are at least one of the following, “uncivilised, undemocratic, communists, backwards, against YOUR values, not as developed as Europeans”, then I hope the EXACT same happens to your country, you cunt.
And by European – the real nuance there is White… “Not as Good As White People.”
I hope that some people of the opposite colour to yourselves continuously force a political coup de tar for 40 years in your country.
I hope that some people of the opposite colour to yourselves continuously tell the rest of the world about how “XXX” you are – You can fill in the gap here – just take whatever opposite of whatever values you think you intrinsically hold because of your Colour, Religion or Passport — cunt.
I hope everyone you meet – hates on your nation – without knowing fuck all about it. I hope everyone just follows the ‘mainstream’ and accuses your nation of A, B, C all the way to X, Y, and Z – All things of which the members of the “mainstream” do very well themselves – but I hope YOU are made to feel singled out and humiliated.
I hope that you learn that your Jeudo-Christian teachings, such as ‘Turn the Other Cheek’ mean fuck all in these situations – because you have no one where to turn… You have no cheeks left. Everyone knows ‘more’ than you, is ‘better’ than you, and you your history, and culture, and birthright – are all meaningless.
and make your life a living hell for 2 generations.
And why?
Because of a security council – of better people.
Because of a vote – by better people.
Because of a Choice – by better people.
because of the democracy – of better people.
But what we are all blind too, is that its not a war of colour, or a war of religion, nor a war of politics. Its a war of Civilisation. The victory sought out here is beyond a Class struggle.
It is a war of Civilisation vs Indigenous populations.