vegan keto canna cookie (almost) 1 vegan keto canna cookie

Vegan keto canna cookie (almost)

Vegan keto canna cookie (almost)



This is my keto canna cookie recipe, 

I should take a video I know, but yea – let me know if you enjoy! 

Dry stuffs

  buckwheat flour        
1/2 cup coconut flour        
1 cup 

unbleached course ground whole-wheat flour 



Wet stuffs

1/2 cup soaked chia seeds 10 minutes, or until thickened.      
1/2 cup hievoo olive oil        
1/2 cup hievoo pekmez        
1 cup mixed nut butter equal part homemade mixed nut butter mix; peanut, cashew, walnut, hazelnut.      



Mix all the dry ingredients well.

Add the now gelled chai seeds and work them in, like an egg almost, in until the flour mixture starts to clump up and thicken.

Add the pekmez and mix until the mixture starts to turn into putty.

Next add the mixed nut butter.


The mixture should eventually look like a big fudge globule. Perfect!

Put this in the fridge for an hour.


Shape into shapes, preferably smaller than the size of your mouth.

11 minutes in a oven preheated to 150’C, (Go with your eyes and instincts on this, longer for crispier etc.)




vegan keto canna cookie (almost) 2 vegan keto canna cookie

Let them set for 5/6 minutes before you touch them. Do not skip this step.

Wack on some extra pekmez if you have a date soon! .. and some clotted cream if that date is tonight fam.