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Then something happened. Around 12,000 years ago, our culture decided that they will write their own Laws – Anthropocentric much?

How many Ants try to save the world?

The fact that we believe we are in some position to do so, is extremely Anthropocentric. We have no more power to destroy the world than we do to save it. We can save the world as a habitat for humans, and that is all we mean when we say, “Save the world.”

Ants will continue, bacteria, macrophages, viruses, flies, fungi, mosquitos, some birds, some mammals, some fish, some fauna, some reptiles and some others too. And you know why? Because they all collectively follow the Rules of Life.

We even have a world for all these life forms and their Rules of Life. We call them, “The Environment.”

We are so disconnected from the rest of the community of life on this Earth. And by We, to whom am I speaking? Us. Not humans. Just this culture of humanity. Not all of Humanity. Just us. It’s not about communism or anti-communism. It’s not about Marx or Keynes, or Milton or Malthus. Nor Hagel nor Kierkegaard.

All of these things were, and still are, an innovation to diminish the damage and trauma caused by the previous innovation and so forth. There are some revolutions in history where this happened naturally, and organically. The industrial revolution never had a mandate. There was no government program to make the revolution great again! It happened because people understood that they could take an idea, innovate upon it, and either create a product to sell or embellish with some advancement the community already benefiting from a product already sold.

How we sell, where we sell, why we sell, for how much we sell. This could be and has thus been hitherto, debated for years. But what has never really been debated? What you never hear of?

The Totalitarian agriculture we innovated some 12000 years ago
Then some 200 years ago, we, as a culture attempted to, and still are attempting to, replace Ecology with Economy. The underlying factor for Both, albeit at different temperaments, are subsistence; i.e, food.

The sun provides a source of energy for the whole community of life on this wet rock. And for about 200,000 years lived in accordance with the Rules of Life that the rest of Community of Life follow. We’ve been Human for about 3,000,00 years. I’m talking about the Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Same as you and I. We’ve been this same genetic, biological, mentally capable entity for 200,000.

Upright, Walking, Talking, Ratiocinating. Loving, Hating, Expressing, Protecting.

It worked so well, we did it for 200,000 years. We were successful at it. We survived that long! As a member of the Community of Life, subject to the Laws of the Rules of Life.

Then something happened. Around 12,000 years ago, we decided that we will write our own Laws.

We don’t really know much beyond the previous 7000 years, and we don’t even really understand the last 2000.

And given the last 2 months, are we really going to continue enacting this story of Abrahamic Totalitarian Agriculture we innovated some 12000 years ago, coupled with a very unnatural and inorganic 200-year-old Imperialist Anthropocentric Economic world view?
Not me.