the myth of the agricultural revolution (cont.) 1 myth of the agricultural revolution

The myth of the Agricultural Revolution (cont.)

The foundation thinkers of our culture envisioned the descent of Man this way:
The reluctant revisers of the nineteenth century emended the descent of Man to look like this:
Naturally, they didn’t hesitate to assume that the whole of the human story was all leading up to “Us”—the people of our culture—and this is the way it’s been taught in our schools ever since. Unfortunately, like so much of the thinking that was done at this point, this was so grotesquely false to facts as to make flat-earth cranks look like intellectual giants.
Here is how it must look if you begin by acknowledging the fact that the people of our culture are not the only humans on this planet:
This diagram reveals a split in humanity far more profound than the one we see dividing East and West. Here we see the split that occurred between those who experienced the Great Forgetting and those who did not.