breaking international law united kingdom and boris

The irony of breaking international law for the United Kingdom and Boris

There’s a lot of people talking about this right now in the government and in the media and it’s the conversation seems to always revolve around, “how can we break international law”, “how will people trust us if we don’t stick to our words and adhere to our agreements?”

I think what everybody is forgetting is the only reason that we have these types of international laws are because because of a group of nations and Navy warfare, and the fact that certain nations become empires and made other peoples’ subject to their own power and will. This is why we even have these laws; some because of the laws remaining post empire, and some in spite of them, and some – because of them, to resolve certain injustices done to those peoples’.

Now the United Kingdom doesn’t seem to want to follow these international laws, because it doesn’t suit them.

Mhm.. Well over 60 countries, so far, have claimed their independence from the United Kingdom – or the laws of which they were forced into subjugation, because the rules of the United Kingdom was Commonwealth.

That didn’t suit them. And they left, breaking international law.

So what about the United Kingdom and Boris?

it’s just ironic.

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breaking international law
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isn’t it? isn’t it? @AlanisMorissette isn’t it ironic?