the induced coma that is covid19  - the coma, the lockdown, the economy

The Induced Coma that is Covid19 – The Coma, the Lockdown, the Economy.

An induced coma, also known as a medically induced coma, a barbiturate-induced coma, or a barb coma, is a temporary coma (a deep state of unconsciousness) brought on by a controlled dose of a barbiturate drug.

This reduces the metabolic rate of brain tissue, as well as the cerebral blood flow. With these reductions, the blood vessels in the brain narrow, decreasing the amount of space occupied by the brain, and hence the intracranial pressure. The hope is that, with the swelling relieved, the pressure decreases and some or all brain damage may be averted

The Analogy.

The reason we are being locked down, is to put the economy into an induced coma. It is meant to narrow the vessels, or transport, or freedom of movement of the particulars of this organism, us.

The Sun

Ecology is a complete system. For the majority, it starts with the sun. The sun provides unlimited energy to this wet rock. Things benefit from this energy, they flourish, they grow, they die, it repeats; circle of life yada yada yada. The sun provides.

Economy? Economy is a made up set of behaviours and contorl mechanisms so that we are not subject to the limitations of the law of the community of life, or “Ecology.”

Anthropocentric much?

The induced coma of the economy is meant to save the ‘body’ of our culture. To save it, in its current form. We slow down the body, the movement, the transactions (all chemical reactions in the body), we slow down the growth, we slow down the repair, we ultimately put the body to sleep so WE (the religion of science and pier reviewed studies) can remedy the problem of the body. the patient may have a 95% survival rate.

They are very good odds for the 95%, but present a 100% chance of death for the 5%.

When the operation theatre, when they induce a coma, that person could die, but iltimately it is meant to save them.

Who will save us?

People who need leaders, are not competent enough to choose them.

and someone in a coma who needs an anesthatist is not compus mentus enough to choose them.

So I ask again, Who will save us? Who will awaken us? Who will revive us?


There is no capital left in the system in the traditional sense.
Capital is not the Sun. It is not an indefinite source of energy and life, and because most people do not understand or do not need to understand Micro or Macro Economy, they do not see that the only way to save the ‘Economy’ is to ‘slow’ the Economy.

The coma, the lockdown, the economy, it is all but one thing.

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