the covid 19 vaccine will not save you. it will save the system. 1 vaccine

The Covid 19 Vaccine will not save you. It will save the System.

I can understand why we self isolating, or sheltering in place, because the hospitals will not be able to withstand everybody getting sick at one time. but what does this have to do with developing a vaccine? I do not understand why every official discussion or report or video stars with NHS or Hospital X, and the solution becomes a vaccine.

So we are going to create a new solution to solve a problem we created when trying to solve another problem, and then and only then we are going to be allowed into pubs and bars?

They are not saying the words, but they are going to force people to take it, otherwise what otherwise would be the connection of a vaccine being on the market and public mass gatherings become normal again.

but, it is not like they are going to stop people who haven’t been ‘cleared’ or ‘verified’ to go out into public, because you see how that poses a problem?