the circassian vote in turkey 1 circassian vote

the Circassian Vote in Turkey

Happy to see not one RTE supporter in here.

Very wise words all round. hypocrites are easy to spot. He’s doing to the Syrians and Kurds what our own neighbours did to us centuries ago. The only reason he mentioned Circassians is because our numbers are small. If we were 20m in Turkey like the Kurds, and we wanted to study our language (again, which was allowed at the start of the republic) what then? Still friends and allies? With all respect, Kfar Kama has done for Circassians what Turkey (as a government, not a land)!has never been willing to do. So what then? We need to go beyond these petty regurgitations of these lowest of people. I mean who are they? What do they know? What skill have they mastered but lies and sophistry.
This is unfortunate. They want to rekindle some old nakhshabandi cult once again, at least in Turkey. The religious elite has changed many faces in the last twenty years. But the same dog lies in wait, ready to attack. I assume the ones in Germany are all Turkish born circassians/noxchoy? I can understand that a Circassians might want to follow a faith, funny we don’t see many Buddhist Circassians tho (makes you think about how one chooses their religion). As Malcolm X put it, if I may be so bold, house slaves and field slaves. I understand that they feel some reverence for Turkey, but this is not the same. Most of those people who vote him, they are a growing religious faction. And they will use anything… Even their religion to get power.. because they are… Doing it for Islam… Like as if Islam has any needs… Especially from humans?
I hope everyone who votes for him will get teleported to a magic island and never return.

If Turks left Islam, the world would be a better place. My personal opinion.
It’s not the worshipping of Turks. Nor the Jordanians. I think it’s fundamentally grass roots.
Like a horse, who has been told it’s purpose is to run and make money and die if a leg is broke. Does it matter where he runs? No.
Living working 9-5s is not our purpose. Making just enough money in order to continue the same shit everyday is not our purpose.
To bow my head or the kiss someone’s a** or to pretend a religion from the Arab peninsula (well technically all of them) is any more valid than a religion from south America.. or is any more valid to the lifestyle of people who Are from mountain tops.
Circassians in Turkey forget that. They think they’re from xyz… Sivas… Maras..
maybe they are.. and maybe I am just very anti-nationalist when it comes to fascist governments like Turkey.
See. There is a group of anti-zionist Jews in the UK I had the fortune to meet years ago. They have an interest perspective. The reason they’ve been able to maintain their existence for 5000 years is because they do – not – have – a – nation.
This is important. We don’t have a nation. Our history is not something that can be limited to a few colours on some cloth. It’s more than that. The wolf and owl are experts at their purpose. We used to be too. It’s impossible to remember, there is no on left to remind us. What we make of our Circassia ours. no nation. No citizenship. Passport? Give me a break.
We are from mountain tops. What fucking passport man.
I wrote most of this stuff yesterday on a Facebook post but it was a good brainstorming session. Ive only pasted my content.
Currently in Dublin, will be flying in a few