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Taking THC or CBD for the first time – 2020

If you are using THC, then don’t panic. it is a dose dependant medicine, meaning as the dosage changes, the effects may also change.

-Make sure that you have already eaten, about an hour or two before lets say, as your stomach acid will just burn the most of the oil you swallow away.

-You want to take a drop of your dose, and drop it under your tongue. it will slowly glow into your bloodstream through the small nerves under your tongue. This is known as Sublingual administration. Try to keep for as long as you can 🙂 10 minutes, 20 – do not swallow, or try not to. Eventually your mouth will fill with saliva, and will seem weird but hang in there. 10/20 minutes if you can.

-if it is CBD, and not the other stuff, like Emma mentioned, you may not feel anything at all, but it doesn’t mean its not working.
-Your body has something called an Endocannabinoid system. So even though you think its the first time you are taking a cannabinoid, you were getting a very similar cannabinoid from your mothers breast milk, called Anandamide. Your body knows what to do with it 🙂 The EDC only responds to cannabinoids, and this plant is *99%* the only plant that produces it.

– I’d personally recommend not taking it alone, because anxiety or the ‘unknown’ can cause unnecessary extra anxiety.

– So if you can have someone around, or someone on a webcam, that’d be good, people you trust, that know your usual self, you will benefit from this company greatly. Just so you know whats going on 🙂

– It could also heighten your senses, if you find it difficult to sleep after (depending on the terpene profile of your oil) thats normal too. so depending on your interests, dive into some oldschool 1980’s music, which was extraordinarily happy.

– The plant saved my life. You are not alone. <3