Scenario: Man finds woman attractive but doesn’t know her well enough to allow feelings to form. Woman gets along with man, but doesn’t find him attractive. This is how a hypothetical conversation might go.
This is the issue, people think you are attractive – and you think that I’m not one of those catwalk stud guys, and if it was for that reason, because you thought that I am not as attractive as you, because I’m not on your level, if that was the reason you constantly try to put me down and condescend me, I’d get it. It might actually make sense for me. But it’s not. you don’t put me down and speak down to me because you are not attracted to me – you do it because you think actually being physically attractive means something… you probably even think it gives you a certain edge, or a level of power over men that you don’t find attractive. But it doesn’t, it just proves how vulnerable and superficial you are, and proves how weak the men are whom surround you.
You will never be happy and I will warn my children of people like you.