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Facebook is a kind of village. I can go into how and why another time, but ultimately our relationship with this website is similar to what the centre of a small village would be. When I post something I’m talking to people, to whom I normally would be talking to in ‘my’ village. You are in my weirdly cyber village. Though I’m sure there are other people who are also in my village who aren’t yours. Are you with me?

So I posted it, for this exact moment to occur so we could talk about something I have observed, and I’d like to know, as someone who resides in this village of mine if what I have observed has any validity to you. As you’ll see below in my next comment, the focus here is on the ‘go to be.’ How many other instances in your lifetime have you been faced by these ‘got to bes’. The laws governing how we count stuff ‘got to be’ (i know this bad grammar now, this should be had to be, but just go with me on the got bes’.) yea so Imperials got be changed to metric.

Another one, The use of crude and pejorative racial slurs got to be removed from movies we watch. the metric-imperial issue never made it to the movies. wasn’t that important. didn’t have something, from a movie entertainment perspective, that crude and pejorative racial slurs do have in movies. What may it have had, impact? social reflective impact?

For a movie that is inherently socially accepted in the mainstream to call a Chinese person a chink or a black person a nigger, would say something about the values and norms of that society. we once had a society like that, and then, someone said, or some people said, “that shits got to be changed” so such crude pejorative racial slurs were removed from movies. those characters were now seen in a different light. movies, somehow helped us reflect on our society and say, yea – i always knew this was true but yada yada yada, are you still with me?

the removal of the racist lexicon from movies, and in some other cases the intentional inclusion of it caused us to reflect on ourselves.
My observation, When did we decide that it was not enough to be Strong, Forthright, Honest, and Honorable Women to be a lead role in a movie? What does a Strong, Forthright, Honest, and Honorable Women lack, from a movie entertainment perspective, that a Strong, Forthright, Honest, and Honorable Trans or Gay Women, does not? lack so much, that every major release in this year in sci-fi (Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Marvel now) this year, the Lead Woman has got to be a Gay or Trans Woman. 
But then, of course, Facebook removed the post because somehow it violates their community guidelines.

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