has the agricultural revolution really made life easier

Stop playing with the genetics of food 2020

this is exactly what we don’t want.

We don’t want Engineered food, we want organic naturally grown and evolved food.

This is what they did with grain, fucking.up.its.genetics. bastards!

And all in the name of science. because they just can’t stand to see people suffer in poor countries, Dying of famine.

even though you explain to them that it was their creations and the results of the technologies that caused the famine.

I must have people working on these.

I guess they are just doing their job.

it is their job to genetically modify the code of something that has existed for a couple of million years

that arrogance is gonna be the end of us


As plants convert sunlight into sugar, their cells are playing with fire. Photosynthesis generates chemical byproducts that can damage the light-converting machinery itself—and the hotter the weather, the more likely the process is to run amok as some chemical reactions accelerate and others slow. Now, a team of geneticists has engineered plants so they can better repair heat damage, an advance that could help preserve crop yields as global warming makes heat waves more common. And in a surprise, the change made plants more productive at normal temperatures.

“This is exciting news,” says Maria Ermakova of Australian National University, who works on improving photosynthesis. The genetic modification worked not just in two kinds of model plants, but in a staple crop, rice, suggesting any crop plant could be helped. The work bucked conventional wisdom among photosynthesis scientists, and some plant biologists wonder exactly how the added gene produces the benefits. Still, Peter Nixon, a plant biochemist at Imperial College London, predicts the study will “attract considerable attention.”