bullet biters of 2020, the culture of tremendous extraordinary bullet biting

Stay away from me today. Left home…

Not in the best of moods

Crazy tooth ache. Too some pills.

Apart from that, Woke up perfectly

Slept in perfectly

Left home, turned back for umbrella. Crazy rain.

Left home, walked to merchants key noticed i forgot my wallet-bus pass

Walked back home. Deviced.to.get.a cab home and to work. No response from cabs. Around 7.30 now.

Noticed I forgot my key, when I went back for the umbrella. Stuck outside my house.

Waited 30mins for a taxi. The. Dennis came to my rescue.

Now off to work, with a meeting with my manager at 9.

Such a stupid start to the day

Hopefully it will get better

And those fucking bastard taxi drivers who just ignored me. And let me soak. You are a cunt.

That’s all I have to say.