some visionary millionaire 1 visionary millionaire

some visionary millionaire

This guy should be shot in the ankles.
Both of them, 3 months apart.
Some visionary millionaire fund me to set up a poacher-poaching system in Africa. I’ll give you all the rights, and you can televise it.
I want to see this mans family watch me as I shoot and cripple this excuse for a hominid douchebag and claim it was self-defence.
Note to future seed funder: Obviously, he will have a gun too, I mean the elephant had tusks, right?
We can set up a fair-trade scheme, where we educate people about the responsible use of guns, and also what happens to people (unfortunately often nearly always white/Anglo/Saxon/protestants) when they not only wreck and pillage the natural resources of different continents, but also what happens when they do the same to community of life in those remote locations. We can train people about video editing, horticulture, how those animals actually benefit – us – directly! 
In fact, I’ll even sign an NDA never to disclose to the public more than what I have said here…  it can all be done privately – and you can have pay-per-view.
You: making a 600% return from your investment; an investment your children can live off.
Me: having diminished – even if just a little – the possible catastrophe that aways my children; priceless.