skin colour and gobekli tepe

Skin Colour and Gobekli Tepe

So I have this idea that before the Younger Dryas, the people who inhabited the soon to (then) become “Gobekli Tepe”, I think they had darker skin pigmentation.

I think that having had to live underground, and without the need to create melanin in the same way as they’d always be having to living out in the open, I think their skin colour changed over several generations.

Our paradigm started with the end of whatever came before it 12,000 years ago.

When they came out of the caves, (due to a 400m block of Ice reaching from Alaska to Iraq), they were different. They were very different.

I think this is where marriage was innovated, where animal domestication and the start of our current cultural paradigm, totalitarian agriculture, began.

Going to do something about this soon.