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Seriously understand immune response 11

The only way for you to develop an immunity to the coronavirus or this Covid19-2S and L is to allow the natural immune response of the body to create an antibody and then an Immunoglobulin.

immune response
Seriously understand immune response 11 3 immune response

They then, like the virus itself, will also be spread between the human community population, and we all get immunity gradually.

This is not going to happen properly if you take antibiotics because you actually don’t have the biome to help create an immune response and consequently an antibody against this virus.

immune response

Furthermore, none of the current antibiotics taken is going to have any effect on the virus because antibiotics don’t kill viruses. they kill living things, viruses are not alive. They just function.

it will a combination of your gut bacteria and your bodies immune memory that will create an antibody against the virus.

What’s more distressing is if you have a diminished gut biome because of constant antibiotics use, the virus will more easily infiltrate your cells because you don’t have the soldiers, metaphorically speaking, to fight against the virus.

Mahir Sayar.