Seeing beyond

He said that I have already covered seeing beyond, there is also such a thing as hearing beyond.

When I asked what, he said, “Music.”
He continued, “Just like music, there’s something else that you can’t see with your eyes. Something, that is inside you. Something the civilisation has taken away.”
I said, “I thought the civilisation was for our health and well being.”

“No.” he said, “they remove something”

I asked what.. and he replied, “Emotions!”
“You mean like feelings?” I said.

“Feelings are just meaning, on the surface. But emotions, they are very deep, primal, and linger. Mahir, you might not understand where you are or what’s happening, but don’t think what you are seeing. Listen! Listen to what’s calling you inside,”

“Why would anyone want to get rid of this?” I asked

“Good question.” he ended.