regarding orcas ramming ship 1 orcas ramming ship

Regarding orcas ramming ship

why is this shocking?

Good fucking riddance

this is exactly what we do.

regarding orcas ramming ship 2 orcas ramming ship
Regarding orcas ramming ship 3 orcas ramming ship

we might not RAM yet we enslave them or we displace them from their natural ecology, because we think that we’re allowed to because basically we’re in charge of this wet rock.

well with the utmost possible respect hoping, that nobody loses their lives, I hope these orcas RAM all of these sailing ships into high hell and high seas.

the ocean doesn’t belong to humans.

and the sooner that humans understand that they’re a part of the community of life and not in charge of it, it will be better if I can help the orcas.

trust me, some would think I’m a self-hating human in the terms of some middle Eastern bullocks that is often quoted in scenarios like this.

But I’m not a self hating human.

I’m a human that loves the community of life more than it’s part in that community of life, and because there’s just so many of us on earth, and taking example from all of the most famous, most well renowned scientists and Bill Gates people and ceo’s or whatever, I just don’t care about the excess of humans on earth anymore. We are nearly 8 billion.