There is no Preparation for Love

You can learn all the elements, names of all the stars, names of every apostle or the 99 names of Allah. You can take Sigma6 courses, do multiple MBAs, finish a doctorate and write a book…
You can do everything you think is enough, but nothing will prepare a person to fall in love. there is no preparation for falling in love.  It might last a month, a week or a day after which you will never be the same.
You will have everything you think you know changed, in an instant, in a smile, in a sparkle of sunlight in her eyes. In a falling leaf, in an argument that normally you would win hands down – but you don’t want to beat her in an argument – you want to lose. You want to lose.
In a song you normally wouldn’t like, in a colour you wouldn’t paint with.
Normally, yeah.