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Neo, the Architect, and Smith.

Remember the dialogue with the Architect, “You have many questions, and although the process has altered your consciousness, you remain irrevocably human.”

So *something* about the whole meeting the Architect process *has* changed Neo, but not enough to make him non-human anymore.. 2:50 – then – Neo plugs into the Matrix, Smith ‘hacks him’ while in the Matrix, but its not that “because Mr Anderson dies in the real world, that the virus also dies,”

but rather, “the new Neo v2 (post-architect changes/commits) plugs into the Matrix via.. Unimatrix 01 baby, he plugs into the Matrix via “THE hub”, via “THE Hardline” with something that allows for “Computers/Machines/Superuser/root” (the AI in the matrix) to openly and actively wait for Smith, to circumvent his intentions via the ‘changes’ made to him by the the whole meeting the Architect process