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Mentha piperita is a culinary herb used to flavor meats, sweets and drinks.


Mint grows about two feet tall and will bush out if the stem ends are regularly pinched off. Mint has spikes of white to light pink flowers.

Mint Characteristics

  • perennial, constantly growing
  • upright, branching stem to 2 feet tall
  • finely toothed opposite leaves
  • leaves and leaf margins smoother than spearmint leaves
  • leaves have short stems
  • purple to pink tubular flowers in terminal spikes
  • distinct minty smell
  • found near houses, garden escapes

Mint Uses

  • culinary
  • gardening

Mint is a term that can refer to one of the mint family’s 300 species, but more often mint refers to just a handful of plants in a generic way. Mints tend to have strong aromas that are sharp or piercing, and a hot peppery taste that can last on the palate.
Popular herb garden mint plants between two mint species can be unique species or hybrids. Peppermint, though originally thought to be its own species, is one such hybrid. It is the result of spearmint, Mentha spicata, and water mint cross-fertilization, M. Water. Aquatica.
Peppermint is represented as a hybrid plant as Menthax piperita. It’s also called M. Balsamea. Balsamea.