master and slave 2019

master and slave

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dude called Hegel

this dude called Hegel had this idea that a master and slave eventually change positions in their relationship. the master takes a slave, punishes, tortures, whatever – gets a kick out of it – then eventually becomes dependant on the kick.
Now when the slave gets a hold of this idea, that the master ‘needs’ them, the slave is able to change the game, because they now have what the master needs to survive.
This slave may then be, like their master, an evil master, by taking control, or a diplomat of sorts – by maintaining a safe distance and dominance without ever falling back into the slave mentality – but also not tipping the balance – never becoming a real master themselves, but balancing things, or continuing to remain a slave..

dude called Hegel dies

Now when this Hegal dude died, the ‘young’ people had very different ideas about what all this meant, and the ‘old’ people had a completely different angle on it. The young became the Left and the Old became the Right.
Some people in their 60’s have an energy like a 20-year-old and sometimes it’s like wow, and sometimes it’s like ‘eassy Dave! Sometimes you meet a 20-year-old who has the wisdom of a 50-year-old who can really wake you up and help you with their wisdom, yet some people are so ‘woke’ at 20 that they make you feel like a cunt.

This is what Left and Right is about.

We think the only way to live is our way now,
and we forget how we even got here.