Make them pain – Bullfighting

I believe that people who defend another’s crime are due the same recompense.
For every person who tries to justify this bullfighting, you should poke that person in the eye, preferably with a sharp object. This is a true system of management, we cannot wait for those people to understand.
Make them feel as the bulls do.
Make them pain.
I have received some criticism for my post.
Firstly, fuck you.
If you think I am inciting violence by asking people to stab others in the eye; you are correct.
Before the eye stab, I would do a neck poke tho. Just poke them on the throat, so they can’t breathe, don’t puncture their throat now but make sure they feel it.
If you try to rationally explain to this person that the animal is ‘suffering’ they might not have a frame of reference?
Yes, poking them in the throat might kill them; yes, this is not what we want – not for the human.
And now by sounding as if I am going to flow into some apologetics, then it would prove my point that ‘rationally’ this is not something solvable.. because ‘rationally’ i would be a hypocrite to apologise for what I’ve said.
having said that; you would get your throat poked by my two fingers. Nothing close to what the bull feels. So, to clarify, if you believe that this bullfighting is in some way or any way acceptable, then you do not deserve to live. You are a waste of oxygen that my future pedigree may use; you are a waste of taxes paid by the state. It is forbidden for me or anyone else to take that taxes or to give you your death so; eye poking for someone who said they would kill a bull or animal, for ‘sport’, and throat poking for those who defend or support it.