coronavirus mushrooms macrophage

Mushrooms, Macrophage and Coronavirus. 2020 insight. Protect your health.

This stuff isn’t a joke. The funny thing is – the coronavirus virus in the video you are about to watch *is* the macrophage – cleaning _us up from the body of this mother earth_

For those who aren’t ready to go just yet, then one needs to think about one’s diet.

Things to include for this up and coming Rapture are :
*Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, Lions Mane, Mesilma, Maitake and Royal Sun Blazei* taken with a *good natural source of vitamin B3*. A *low* daily dosage of a good natural CBD oil, with a high Ocimene terpene profile. Ocimene is an antiviral terpene naturally found in some organic cannabis strains.

The video mentions a coronavirus virus, now known as Covid 19, and your body fights viruses.


Macrophages help your body support itself. This combination of mushrooms naturally increases your body’s macrophage production by about 300%.

Vb3 helps the effects of the mushrooms and micro hypha permeate as far as possible through your nerve endings.

The combination of the Ocimene and CBD, which itself is an antiviral cannabinoid, will also boost your lymph system’s ability to actually fight the Virus.

Naturally – you are using the same mechanism nature is using to rid herself of us – against her. By increasing natural protection against a large contaminant species threatening to destroy a shared habitat from the oncoming doom!

it’s a hack.