lockdown in schools and education in the uk.

Lockdown in Schools and Education in the UK.

In the UK, there used to be an educational certificate called A Levels. they were a 2 year program with an exam at the end of the 2 years. Half way through the course, they decided to change the system from A Levels to AS levels. A1 and A2. so you had to study the 2 years, and your scores were the average of the two.

Things like this, and more fucked up decisions were made on ‘our behalf.”

I wasted a year in school, even though i’ve wasted many more since,that was the first I understood.

And this is what you must understand. They owners, governmers, head teachers and managers of your schools do not care about you.

You are a part of the job. The sultana bagal that has to be put on a shelf. They don’t care about you.

They will fuck with your education, in the name of soverinty or some other governmental program, but no one will be be around to blame once its over.

Trust me, no one before you have come up with a solution for any of this.