Jane Elliott – A World of Difference – 2020 Interview

In 1968, Jane was a third grade teacher in Iowa and the woman behind the “Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes” experiment. Our 80-minute interview took place at her home in California, during the interview, she became emotional three times: for her husband, her father, and Martin Luther King Jr. You may not agree with everything she believes in but you can absolutely agree with much of what she says.

More behind the scenes here: https://oneiconmedia.com/jane-elliott

Full book list in video:

—Nile valley contributions to civilization by Browder

—On Tyranny —Road to Unfreedom (both by Timothy Snyder)

—The racial conditioning of our children by Rutstein

—When At times the mob is swayed by Neuborne

—Jeff Sharletts books:

the family (which is narrated by him on Netflix right now, if you don’t want to read all those pages, but you should) and C-street —Indigenous People’s History of the United States by Ortiz 

—The system by Reich 

—The color of law by Rothstein – A Collar in My Pocket – Jane Elliott #JaneElliott #BlueEyesBrownEyes