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its the sugar – A brief guide for ATP, MTOR and Fasting for 24 hours

its the sugar really. if you are keeping the sugar of the milk in your body throughout the whole day, then you won’t inhibit ATP and activate MTOR because the sugar will trigger an insulin response. As long as there’s insulin in your system, you won’t be burning fat, and if thus no MTOR activation – no Autophagy.

So if your body burns the sugar in the milk over 2 hours, and you have 4 coffees a day with milk, you won’t be ‘fasting’ as long as the sugar is in your blood, for those 8 hours. The longer this takes, the more your body pumps out Ghrelin, which makes you think you are hungry.

really, its the sugar

Cream has higher fat content, so Leptin senses that and tells your body to chill as there’s fresh fat coming in and you are full. Does this make sense? Hope it helps.