reset rebuild heal

Inspiring Reset 2020


Some of us practise this intermittent fasting stuff – to rebuild and heal, and to allow our biology to reset from what we have been feeding it. So that it can work as it is supposed to, so we can forever more maintain this homeostasis, or, which is more likely for some, that we can go on feeding it stuff that really doesn’t help it.

If we need it, she needs it. Ss the micro; so is the macro.

Heal and Rebuild

This wet rock we live on also needs to rebuild, and heal. To slowly clear away and reset from what we have been dumping into her. I walked out in the city, and beyond the movie set like ambiance, the air just feels cleaner.

Most of you know, I worked from home 4 years prior to this, yet I’ve never seen so many birds, and different types of birds in my garden.


Obviously the martial law stuff that’s about to come is not going to be nice, by any definition, however the stopping ‘production’ aspect of this, if coordinated, could actually do for this wet rock, what fasting does for us.

I think we could do this once a month every year.