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In response to : Why all Versions of Neo look the Same – thoughts on Matrix 4.

People explaining the matrix just do you not get it.

They just seem to be making up as they go along – I just don’t understand.

Well, Why all Versions of Neo look the Same?

In response to the video above, at 3:11 :

3:11 how are they? you are just making this up as you go along.

they are clearly reflections of the One Neo we are privy to, on the clip in front of us. When he turns, the images turn.

Once we listen carefully to the Architect, as he states,
“although the process has changed your consciousness, you remain irrevocably human” meaning
some process has taken place,
it has changed his perception and/or interaction with reality
AND yet – it still hasn’t changed the majority of his being – from a human – into something else.

The images on the screen are what is happening inside this place, wherever this place is.

Also, do You really think that the architect needs screens to view anything?

come on, you can do better Team Matrix Explained.


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