sleep under trees

I sleep under trees

I sleep under a tree and a feather. and i sleep under a tree blanket.. its all in my mind, but my minds makes it real.
people have often heard me say, make me.

What makes you happy? What makes you connect?

If its God, you are group A. If its politics or some ideology, you are group B.
I am neither. The Tree and the feather makes me feel like i’m back where i should be; away from all this civilisation bullshit. I still have two paintings to sell, if anyone wants them, they are still available as of this post…

I was watching Startrek DS9 while taking this. I learnt my English from this TV program, and i also learnt about certain universal values – beyond our culture (which is unfortunately nearly always mistaken for representing the whole of humanity)

Backgammon in the corner, and light constantly hitting my face on that reclining chair of mine.
that chair.