fight to the death 1 fight to the death

Fight to the death

What Is the reason people want this to escalate?

I think it has to do with something innate, may be confrontational that was a requirement in our past. this cultural requirement also played a biological role and also another structural role in the next generation, setting up this cyclical paradox of paradigm off the successful.

They will all fight to the death, because they do not know what life is.

But i don’t mean this in a condescending way. Fighting to the death is what made us stay alive. being able to NOT die, allowed us to test the boundaries of our abilities in staying alive, and that alone can be a thrill for life.

The reason this could end up in armed struggle in America is because, this is how every American for the last 50 years has been told this is how things are solved. Gunpower, Civil War, Insurrection. America has helped make many other nations turn from some assemblance of democracy to dictatorships, and in hindsight – all dictators act like Trump.

America foreign policy turned all other diplomats and state leaders into puppers America could control, and the dream and programming was so effective, even Trump got hooked, and started to believe the lies America has told its self for 200 years.

But really, it’s the British’s fault.

fight to the death 2 fight to the death
Fight to the death 3 Fight to the death