faceless person sitting on bench


there’s something thats come up recently

i had a conversatino with mum, and she said something like, how are they going to look at themselves in the mirror.. and i said to her then, they’re faceles.

like, they have gad to lose themeslves in order to be come this whomeever they present themselves to be.. see i’ve got to talk abot @[email protected] this way, because they’re faceless.

but this goes beyond just group dynamic i mean, historically we’ve never haed so much access to available history.. specially in image form. written anguage is a whole different topic. but pictures, they’re universal. colours. faces. and now everyones got a face; got on online presence.. well not everyone – there are those who haven’t fallen for this trap. i applaude you.

we are so visuallyy inundated with pictures and images and stuff – no ones face has any value, not because they are any less, but because of – value.