arrogant facebook protects racist police officers #2 1 facebook protects racist police

Arrogant Facebook Protects Racist Police Officers #2


Facebook restricted my page again, this time because I shared the following video on my Story.

The video shows a man briefly detained in a case of mistaken identity. But really, he’s only detained – just cos he’s black.

A racist police officer is attempting to arrest a black man, for … Looking black.

FBI agent or not.

he actually even cuffs him.

I hope a real FBI officer outs this pigshit police officer.

facebook protects racist police officers
Arrogant Facebook Protects Racist Police Officers #2 3 facebook protects racist police

FBI or no FBI

Whether or not The individual is actually an FBI officer, he was racially profiled and would have been arrested. We all know the The FBI aspect of this is a red herring.

Whatever the racist police officer saw in the wallet of the black man he attempted to arrest, dissuaded him from continue with that action.

Not only did he stop but the rest of his gang also stopped. so the point actually stands.

They knew what they were doing was wrong. And they stopped the moment it became certain to them that their actions had no legs, and – that they couldnt get away with it.

this is the thought pattern – Can I get away with it?

they attempted to rest a black man for being a black man because they have the power to do so. period.

And if it wasn’t for whatever was in his wallet – they would have gotten away with it.

So what does Facebook do? Facebook Protects Racist Police Officers.

I think I just need to drop fb… *sigh*..