european migrant crisis 2048 1 european migrant crisi

European migrant crisis 2048


We’ve spoken about this before, there is no Europe. RfkaE


RfkaEns for centuries have proported to be the exemplar of Civilisation (an overindulged synonym of “City Life”.) And it is in a Civilisation that people ought to live.


So when all the RfkaEns have made out Refkae to be the best way for people to live (even though it is clearly not,) what about the movement of non-rfkaEns into RfkaEn territory makes it a crisis?

We never mention it’s the opportunity this culture brainwashes migrant peoples with, that is the crisis for RfkaE.

Because we never mention the word territory. We never mention how we’ve made those people’s lives and villages and towns unlivable.

We never mention their lives as a crisis, but it’s their coming here that is the crisis.