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Image from the film Elephants Dream. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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I just had a dream that a princess loved me but she was married and her husband who was very honest and forthright didn’t love her and he was forced to marry her.  she was unhappy but at least she wasn’t abused.
I think that she was beautiful. I can remember that, we had in the dream a very strange communication. there was a feeling that we could be together but everything was too obvious, feelings and such.
However after having got up to get some drugs, I woke up it just came to me that did this actually happened and I should have an email from somebody like this that you know I was contacted by a completely
This process was into painting I mean hi family was very understanding Island it seemed like that in the dream get A hot her husband would get divorced unless you wanted to be with me so in tune she even commented on things I wrote online to express how into you about falls regarding politics humanity in anthropology I remember
I remember waking up true a post that I put on line about the princess who dead to be different because we work together in an environment where we can’t let people know that we are contact but it’s just those my new mix how face dying know that she awesome
The picture in my head as I woke up two in my head was a picture of all of woman being hung from a tree
Towards the bottom half of the picture was a man being consoled by his family and she commented on this picture I posted online saying know to go no to go naughty go girl
The dream ended with me sending the new mega chats communications thing
And she sent me a paralegal goo glossesSo that we could communicate in private
The princess who left me
Voices  Adam and Eve

#abuja, #dreams, #great-comet

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