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Cultural appropriation of the Matrix in 2020 – thoughts on Matrix 4 – part 2/2

They can say what they like, but the matrix was never based on any trans issue.

Was there one homosexual or lesbian or transexual or something sexual in any of the 3 movies? – either character or plot? There may have been, I may have missed it – but was there?

Did anyone’s gender or sexual identity or how they dressed come up in any part of the movie?

But who cares, having stolen the story, they can say the story says whatever they’d like it to say.


So this person is just trying to twist, or create, or recreate an alternative timeline in our own history, from the story that they stole originally in the first place.

As the son of Marxists, people who tried to take over a country, and went to prison for it, as someone named after one of the first people killed for being a communist in their respective countries, I can wholeheartedly say that this transgender agenda has fuck all to do with communism or socialism or human rights or anything like that. it’s just theft and bullying. that’s what it is.

I can completely understand how ones expressions of their own identity is considered a human right, but there was no sexual gender based role identity issue in any of the 3 movies.

It was a whether you are a human or not.

Beyond being human or not – it was whether you were a Human in the Matrix or not – because any human IN the matrix could turn into an Agent at any moment. See the analogy?

Obviously the individual above in the video is unable to function when the common denominator makes them the same as everybody else, so they are doing some equation where they are not the same as everybody else so that and they are unique and they are special.

why oh whyyyyyy witchouwskyyy

You are you’re going to f*** up the matrix 4 and we are all going to hate you for it.

And it has nothing to do with how you identify yourself.