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Cultural appropriation of the Matrix in 2020 – thoughts on Matrix 4 – part 1/2

No. The matrix is not meant to represent the Trans Metaphor. Whatever a Trans Metaphor is.

Obviously that former a line was me being facetious, I know exactly what the Trans Metaphor is; however the following is my metaphor. (Some) Completely my own and personal views that do not represent anybody else that I may be associated to or with.

After having written and edited this I want also to add this in hindsight;
the source of the story, whether it’s from a black man, or a white woman, or a couple, or a divorcee, or a rich person, or poor person, or a person who is ambidextrous, or is paraplegic can only really add pretext if it’s relevant a) in knowledge, and b) in pathology.

The matrix was Stolen, by then two men –  who eventually – based on their own choices and freedoms – became women, two individuals, siblings, who stole the story. Who didn’t give the money they owed to the person with whom they had agreed to give the money, And then, lost in court against that person, for about 10 times the amount they owed.

Two white men defrauded an old black woman. 
Two white men became two white women. 
Now the one white woman still involved wants to culturally appropriate the original story told by the old black lady.

what culture has been appropriated?

I wouldn’t say that this is “black culture” because I don’t think there was anything such as “a black culture”. The Sudanese household is very different to a Louisiana household, and for us to think that there is “a” black culture is part of the racism that everyone is “talking about”.

There are quotes above because I don’t necessarily call it racism, ignorance – definitely!, but racism, we can discuss that. Write me.

You could say that there is certain things that all black peoples’ are subject to or things that only pertain to them, for example; Afro hair. But saying “Black peoples’ cultures’ or the Cultures of Black Peoples'” is very different then assuming there is “A black culture.”

What is being appropriated here?

It is the ability to choose. The culture of choice; culture of freedom.

The story, having already been stolen, is now being rewritten; and the freedoms and the choices given to the viewers of the original story are now being usurped. The thief in the act, not only wants to steal your past, but also steal your future.

Steal your future by making you think the originators of this story were represententing a fight for a (present) radical change then. And yes, surely the grandmother was also after change – but not this radical change. Change, surely, Yes, but not in the way that didn’t work.

>> remember, the movie ends with them having done something they haven’t done before – that’s how they succeeded. This is how to leave the matrix. By not repeating what has kept us in here, what Neo clocked right at the end – what has a beginning must have an end. The way of escape is Not with old minds and new programs, but with new minds and no programs at all.

And that’s what the old grandmother had the two boys hadn’t. The hindsight of choice and freedom. The life experience, of not only an old woman, but an old black woman.

This was a story told by a grandmother (metaphorically speaking), telling her grandchildren about the reality that awaits them in the future that they’re about to be initiated into, once they pass some threshold of ascension into adulthood.

matrix neo architect choice freedom
Cultural appropriation of the Matrix in 2020 – thoughts on Matrix 4 - part 1/2 3 cultural

The ideas of the new radicals and the Conservatives on the left and the right are important here. Obviously this touches into Hagel’s ‘Slave and Master’, which has a lot to do with the whole synopsis of the movie the Matrix itself; nonetheless, the fact that the grandmother is telling the story, is important because the grandmother is on the right wing of the eagle. She is part of the establishment, by her nature she is Conservative, and the story being told is one of a Conservative as a warning to everybody about their own misdoings, and what will befall them, and how things will end up if they continue how they are going.

No one wants to be told they’re wrong; not even us, the radicals. This is why the Matrix was so important. It wasn’t us that were wrong; it was the system. But this story was not written on any premise of transexual rights or metaphors beyond the premise of rights of choice and freedom for individuals.

But i’ll say it wasn’t, and she’ll say it was. I can’t prove a negative, and she stole the story.