clap clap for the gardai

Clap clap for the Gardai 2020

They don’t care about us.

They just care about their KPIs and quotas and career prospects.

Fuck them.

Obviously I don’t condone the control of the cannabis trade by cartels, gangs and mafia. Like nearly every other leaf you can grow with sunlight and water, it should be free to use as one wishes. But no, only some cuntface xyz pharmaceutical company is allowed to produce and sell me something. But if Pharma is not a cartel, a gang of mafia then who is?

Cos they have fuck all else to do.

This is a plant. Like parsley.

Whenever will they learn.

I hate to say it, but they will only learn when one of their family members gets cancer and the are in the brink of death and the only option they have is either chemotherapy or cannabis oil.

But I guess they are just doing their job, like those at Nuremberg.