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Freedom and Choice in the Matrix 2019

A few things to start:

  • The machines need to allow for choice in the code.
  • There has always been a “Backdoor/Exit/path to Zion”
  • In this iteration, the Machines have developed this matrix we know as “Civilisation
  • Every time (they recreate the Matrix) they are getting better at it.


What is it that they are getting better at exactly?

Limiting choice within the matrix.

They need to allow for choice in the program, for without that choice – things fall apart.

Think about it.. primitive communism, feudalism, etc.. Choice, within the Matrix, represents our individualism to some extent.

I think in the movie, the word choice is being used synonymously with freedom. Lest we forget, there are two freedoms. A freedom from something and a freedom to do something.

For those within the Matrix, the emphasis seems to be on the freedom “to do”

However, the people who leave, chose to leave based on a freedom from.

the machines still need this in the code. The movie temporally must allow for this choice to be made.

It is for what Neo and his former “ones” would have gone back for – to explain. As a revelation from God, or a new Red book with rules about how to live, with psalms and poetry and constitutions. People need a “get-out-clause” because, without it, no one will voluntarily enter it again.

And the again is the key here. They will not go in again, unless they know they have a way out.

in order for the machines to benefit from our battery-bodies, we need to let them.

it’s interesting, we must have agreed to this every time before, but every time, the machine’s try to take away the ‘freedoms/choices’ they have given us – until someone comes to remind them.

(ref. from conversations with god – great book).

the first matrix was a paradise – Eden? but it was Adams ‘choice’ that set everything off.. interesting tho, so if Eden is the 1st matrix, primitive communism the 2nd, feudalism 3, capitalism 4 – the architect say 6.. I wonder how the authors have broken up historical materialism but definitely worth a smoke and discussion about. =] Awesome video!