mouth breather brexit


ok so a few things,
you all know where i’m from right?
my mother is from Chechnya and my father is from Adygea, he is a Circassian. i’ll get back to this later.

whats done is done, i dont really see what the fuss is about – we’re in we’re out – its like hokey pokey – so hakunamafuckit.
as for David cuntface resigning after the brexit vote, i actually think that this was part of the deal.

like yea – ok he was the one who wanted it to happen in the first place lol but now he’s gone. why? safety measures?

His job was to destabilise the country, bring it into the worst condition for its PEOPLE, not the companies, for the PEOPLE, start brexit and then fuck off. I’m happy hes gone, i hope he has a miserable life. he has caused millions of people to suffer. He deserves what the Chinese do to live dogs in the Dog Meat Festival they have every year.
So he’s gone. Interesting.

And Boris was-isface – he has claimed Circassian roots. a few years back he said he had Ottoman roots, and now he’s a Circassian.

Basically the Caucasus mountains… i know most of you think that the Cradle of Civilisation is Mesopotamia, but thats the Cradle of Agricultural Civilisation; because for those unread; the History of Civilisation IS the ACTUAL history of Agriculture. Anything PRE-agriculture is considered PRE-HISTORY.

Man was very active for a coupla hundred thousand years nearabouts where we’re from. anyway –

why is this relevant? sometime soon we will see Turkish citizens entering the EU without VISA’s – and i think Boris will use his (alleged) Circassian past as some kinda leverage for bargaining – because we know how good he is at that.
my 2p.

Note: Looking for a European wife; ideally Circassian/Chechenian but any European Lady with nice calf measures will be considered.