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Anthropocentrism – part 1

anthropocentrism - part 1 1 anthropocentrism
Anthropocentrism - part 1 4 Anthropocentrism


It just is beyond me how anthropocentric these peoples idea of life is.

so, vegan leather made from mushrooms is a vegan because an animal doesn’t get killed ?

I guess the problem is with the word animal, the root being anim – meaning moving and therefor; alive.

Problem is, we are the ants to the trees, so we don’t see them move. And because we don’t see them move we think they aren’t alive. When I say we – I mean foolish people.

I was foolish once too.

people who think like this just don’t understand what life is and on which their whole life is based upon.

40% of soil is fungi.

anthropocentrism - part 1 2 anthropocentrism
Anthropocentrism - part 1 5 Anthropocentrism

We are closer to fungi than we are to plant, because we are offshoots of ancestral fungi.

Some x billions of years ago, there was this fungus that decided it would start to digest its food with the help of bacteria in a closed sack call the stomach. they eventually became humans.

the rest of them are still doing what they do best.

Why do people just talk crap? Like in this article?