publish something of worth white and brown wooden bench

Actually, publish something of worth.

I don’t know why Google seems to think I give a flying fuck about the following link; however, what’s even more concerning is that this person is not a designer or a creator or anyone that produces anything of worth, but they are a ‘designer shoe buyer.’ How sad.

I’d say that this person must have a wasteful life, yet seeing as this capital FM is publishing this news it must be something some of you care about, and it must be something profitable. I don’t know who should be pitied more; this individual is known as someone who buys a designer shoes or the people that actually give a flying fuck about this type of story. I hope capital FM bolsters up its game and can actually publish something of worth.

She is hot tho. Is that all I’m supposed to think about? Btw. I haven’t actually read the article. I won’t be supporting anyone’s profit share today fam.