a tribal people

a tribal people.


Tribal in the non-Civilised sense, as opposed to uncivilised.

A photograph of a tribal people.

Non-Civilised in the societal makeup sense, and not in the primitive sense.
This is the lie most Decendents of RFKAENs are unaware they’ve been duped by.

RFKAENs in the “Region Formally Known As Europe.” sense.
It is the lie of Civilisation, one most of our cultures peoples’ believe in. That civilisation was the surpassing of Tribalism. The innovation upon it. That as we evolved from chimp to human, we evolved from Tribal to Civil.
This is a misnomer. a deceitful one at that.
Civilisation and its totalitarian agriculture have decimated Tribal peoples’ since its innovation.
White Tribal peoples existed all around the world as did black brown and every shade in between.
And it is our inherent hate for the reminiscence of what we ‘must have surpassed,’ that we have done everything in our might to destroy them.

We destroy them regardless of their colour.

We are still destroying them.

We are destroying them in Australasia.
We are destroying them in Asia.
We are destroying them in South and North America.
We are destroying them in Polynesia
We are destroying them in Africa.
We are destroying them in the Caucasus.

When I say We, I mean you.


Not all white peoples are of RFKAEN descendancy.
We have a different history.
We have a different story.
We had a different beginning.
..and because of that, we will have a different future.

Mahir. 11/11/2020