A red herring

puc thoughts

A , a Red Turkish Herring

the former league of nations, the present UN formally invited Ataturk into the league soon after its victory in the war of citizenship, and Ataturk declined. fail. the Lausanne treaty was meant to give time to ‘adjust’.. targeted for 1969. fail. Menderes is appointed a head of govt, openly backed by #CIA in cold-war spout involving leftists supported by Moscow. fail. so after 3 attempts to ‘civilize/democratise/domesticate’ the people of this land, and a very persistent cluster of events i mind you, they have now worked out where they went wrong – Asians don’t like being led by outsiders.. so now they have a, for the lack of a better word, a #puppet.. and he’s strings are as easy to pull as any latino, Arab or Indonesian puppet.. sounds a bit melodramatic don’t you think? smile emoticon but the #PKK situation is a read herring – the isis situation is a red herring – its about resources – and the lands which ‘could’ fall under Kurdish rule, if such a thing were to come to pass, are being dotted on the map with hydroelectric/water dams… interesting…. its taken 100 years, but turkey is now ready to be divided.. and u know how they did it? with Turkishness.. a false bravado of an identity unrecognised by people who live and die as Turks in the far/near east.. a false identity that is civilised enough to ‘want’ but not mature enough to ‘need’..