a lifespan that must end.

“a lifespan that must end.” – the devastating reality of Anthropocentric in 2020

“a lifespan that must end.” The commandment says, “thou shall not kill.” not thou shall not kill humans. Because that’s what’s you are doing. Enslaving, impregnating, disparaging and killing animals for money. The next chain will package them, and the last will sell them.

Such an anthropocentric view on existence.

Why must their life end?
Why must food be produced for profit?
Why must we pay you per carcass?

“a lifespan that must end.” The commandment says.

We don’t pay most writers by the letter, and the ones we do – don’t produce anything of quality! Why don’t you understand this totalitarian agriculture is the cause of 99% of our problems. It isn’t political systems, its totalitarian agriculture. Not just agriculture, but totalitarian agriculture.

Find a new way to make money.
Let the animals free.

If humans want to eat them, let them slaughter their own meat. Find a real job. Stop enslaving and killing animals for profit. Do it to feed those around you. Screw the market and sell directly to people who need food. We have no sympathy for your business losses. What must end, is this industry.

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